We are excited to now offer Ketamist™, an Innovative Ketamine Delivery System in addition to Spravato.  Unlike Intravenous Ketamine, with Ketamist™ we give you the patient, control over your treatment. 
Ketamist™ treatment sessions usually are twice a week for three weeks, with maintenance sessions sometimes added if appropriate.  
Ketamist™ treatments require a two hour stay in the office for monitoring and the need to refrain from driving until the next day. Not only is your treatment medically supervised, but you also have a dedicated private room, internet access, and a personal medical staff member to meet your needs throughout the treatment process.  
What sets Cassidy Psychiatry apart from other Ketamine treatment locations is the same thing that distinguishes us from other Psychiatric providers… a First Class Personalized Experience.

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Music is very powerful and can help with healing during your Ketamine - Ketamist™ Treatment. 
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